Maureen Mahon is an award-winning interior designer and featured designer on HGTV’s House Hunters Renovation.


Maureen's design career began when she was commissioned to decorate turnkey oceanfront vacation properties in Rosarito, Mexico, while attending the Architectural Interior Design Program at Santa Monica College. She worked on residential projects in Los Angeles for several years until being hired to design offices for a tech startup. This experience completely changed her career path and before she knew it, she’d designed her first high-tech, smart environment. The client hired her to design their New York offices, as well.  Excited by this new direction, Maureen toured tech campuses of major companies like Google, Airbnb and Twitter and made it her goal to be a part of this exciting and rapidly growing industry.


Inspired by visionary entrepreneurs who are working to improve our world, Maureen has made it her mission to become the first disruptive designer: creating green, sustainable, ethically sourced and cruelty-free environments. She is the first PETA-certified vegan designer and has incorporated vegan design into her company’s code of ethics.



Based out of Los Angeles, Maureen Mahon Interiors focuses mainly on clients headquartered in the LA area, Bay Area/Silicon Valley, Orange County, San Diego, and New York, but we are equipped to work all across the country as well as internationally for clients needing global/multi-office design work.


Our main area of expertise is in the commercial sector. We love the tech industry and our incorporation of smart spaces and green technology is an excellent fit for this market. But we also love entertainment companies, law firms and any corporate offices with a strong brand identity and company culture. We feel that our incorporation of smart spaces and green technology is an excellent fit for this market, however, we are happy to work with companies in any sector.


We also have a wealth of experience in the residential arena, and work with residential clients on a case-by-case basis.



Disruptive Design is a design approach that goes beyond how a space looks and functions.  We are disrupting the status quo by taking responsibility for how our products and services affect individuals, communities, animals and the planet.

MMI Sustainability Principles

Agriculture creates more greenhouse emissions than all forms of transportation combined. Kindness and responsibility work hand in hand in making this world a better place for everyone - and this includes the use of "cruelty-free" materials that don't use animal products or testing.

"Save The Humans" by Moby


MMI can help you lower your company's carbon footprint by using recycled, sustainable products whenever possible.  We can also reduce construction costs and debris by incorporating modular wall systems that can be expanded and reconfigured as the size and needs of your company change, and easily opened up for updating your electrical and data.



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